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Enter the Luminous Heart

Sacred Medicine for Body & Soul

Acupuncture, Herbal & Esoteric Medicine 


Asheville, NC

Lily (Lilian) Rose Abboud, J.D., L.Ac., M.A. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine



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herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine

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Essential Oils

nutritional therapy

Nutritional Therapy

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Reiki/ Energy Medicine

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Qigong & Meditation Instruction

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Sound Therapy


Stone (Crystal) Medicine

OIP (3)

Ceremonial Work

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Serving the Asheville NC Area


Lily is a person who just “lives” the highest expression of herself.  It is palpable, you can see it and feel it from her.  She lives in the present moment and in each moment she is present for whoever she is serving.  You just feel her heart, I don’t know how else to express it.  Any and everyone who is on a spiritual journey would benefit greatly from her experiences and guidance, her gifts are astounding and they are there

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While searching for better health and healing with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was introduced to Lily. Her insight and wisdom of the human body, including its energetic nature, was extraordinary! Lily took time to investigate and discover the causative factors that lead to my constant inflammation/pain. In addition to acupuncture and old wisdom teachings, I was given advise on promoting self-care which aided in stress management and allowed me to journey back to wholeness.

My life’s path

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‘The first words that come to mind when I think about my time spent working with Lily is WOW!!! And I mean WOW!!! She is one of the most beautiful humans inside and out that I have ever met. She meets you with the purest unconditional love that you have ever felt, but will always make you realise that the feeling that you feel is within you. She is humble, fun, light-hearted and powerful all in one. The work that

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“Lillian is an acupuncturist, and healer, I recommend
completely and enthusiastically. As an exhibiting artist for over 25
years, and a spiritual teacher for over ten, I have met and frequented
many healers. There are none I would recommend more highly than
Lillian. She brings a high level intelligence, and more than this, a
deeply loving heart energy, to her healing work. I am deeply grateful
for her, and could not recommend her more

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Lily is a Beautiful Soul.  She has such love and devotion for all of Creation.  It is always special to connect with her.  She loves to be a channel for the Divine; and has many abilities.  She has great joy, wisdom and understanding; and a delightful playfulness.  I feel Blessed to know her and take part in her offerings.’

Millwood, London, UK

Acupuncture in a Nutshell

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Coronavirus and TCM: Staying Healthy at Home


Navigating stay at home orders, working from home, schooling from home and the myriad other new things that are now a daily part of life is stressful. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with each new development and all the unknowns that surround our lives because of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Traditional Chinese medicine offers something old and grounding to turn back to during this time.

The idea that supporting mental health is a significant factor in supporting

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It’s possible to get acupuncture again, here’s what to consider


As the country moves toward reopening, reintegrating acupuncture treatments into your life will become an option again.

Just as businesses and community members are weighing their own personal choices amidst changing state guidelines, it is a personal choice whether or not you feel safe to visit an acupuncturist. As you weigh this choice, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, it depends on our state regulations as to when I will be allowed

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Talking With Kids About the Coronavirus

As the effects of the coronavirus outbreak continue to seep into everyday life, it can be hard to stay present rather than focusing on the myriad of concerns and questions everyone has. Unfortunately, this can be true for kids too. 

Younger kids can perceive their caretakers’ stress and older kids are better aware of what’s going on for their families and in the world around them. As we navigate our own stress each day, it can be hard to

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