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Enter the Luminous Heart

Sacred Medicine for Body & Soul

“Pain free!!”

“My name is Patrick Lydon; I’m a retired Detective from the NYC Police Department. In 2005 I was on foot when I was struck by a car and left for dead. As a result my injuries include 4 herniated disks in my neck and two in my lower back along with nerve root compression in my neck and back. I tore my rotator cuff fractured my ribs and collapsed the right lung.  While I was told that I should have surgery on my neck and spine I decided against it. As a result I can say I know pain.

In August of 2014 while on vacation in North Carolina in a place called Black Mountain. I stumbled across a store front advertising an acupuncturist. After a brutal 15 hour drive my back was in pain. I had tried acupuncture previously and had some good results. It was divine intervention that I met Lilian Abboud. Even thou I had no appointment she was gracious enough to see me. Within a few minutes the body adjusted itself and my back cracked. Lilian continued to work on me on several different levels, one of them being my emotions. She even managed to get this burly 6 foot tall cynical retired cop to cry. After one hour I left knowing I could finish my vacation without being in pain. I felt lighter happier and better than I had in a long time.  My only regret is that I have to drive 15 hours for my next appointment, but in my opinion she is worth it.

So it is my humble opinion if you are in pain, don’t want to take prescription narcotics and are looking for a natural way of healing that’s been around thousands of years, see Lilian and just feel better. There is only one you and yes you are worth it.”  –Patrick Lydon, NYC

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