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Enter the Luminous Heart

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Thank you Lily

Much of my 2020 spiritual work was done with Lily through The Sisterhood of the Rose Group.  To find a word that describes Lily I would say “sparkle”.  A sparkle that lights up the whole world.  To sit in Lily’s energy, you find yourself dissolving into a pure bubble of joy.  Her radiance is like no other.  When you thin of some of the qualities that you might describe a Divine being to have—compassion, joy, love, light, upliftment, forgiveness, understanding, caring, smiles, Lily has them all & more.  The energy of each is so strong, you can feel them even through her emails.

My work with Lily has both been a privilege & a blessing.  Thank you Lily for all that you are, I’ve no doubt your sparkle will continue to light the way for many others.

With Love & best wishes to all.

Michelle S., Ireland

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