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Enter the Luminous Heart

Sacred Medicine for Body & Soul

Words can’t convey!

“Through the years I have been blessed to experience a number of very skilled
Chinese medicine doctors, of Chinese descent and trained in China. I have also experienced a significant number of very powerful energy healers who used various methods. I have also had many profound experiences with practitioners who assistance was spiritually focused, with many shifts in consciousness and release of charges. So i have had many wonderful experiences with practitioners.

Magically, Lilian brings all of these different healing and spiritual growth energies
together into what she gifts you with, in a single session. She has her guides assisting, your guides are assisting and a host of very high beings and Deities present to assist in healing and spiritual transformation.

With what Lilian gives, words aren’t able to convey. My suggestion is: extend the love to your body and soul and see Lilian as soon as you can. You will be happy you did.”
–Sam Holt

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